Dr Zemirah Moffat

I’m not a GP but studied Social and Cultural Anthropology specialising in participatory ethnography and was awarded a doctorate in 2008. My research focussed on London’s queer performance scene, the issues of identity, gender, sexuality and representation.

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationships between people, places and objects, and the sense we make of ourselves as we dance between the three. This interest, combined with a practical project focussed mind, an interest in Health and Wellbeing, and the desire to be useful, led me to become a Professional Declutterer – somehow ‘the closet’ remains my theme!

I couldn’t believe it when I discovered APDO-UK in 2010. A whole Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers. Amazing!  Sign me up, I said.

It was my MA and PhD studies that taught me the power of film and the visual in communication, transformation and personal empowerment. And this is why I’m a little unique in APDO’s world, weaving, as I do, visual techniques, photography and film, throughout my work.