Nine Top Tips

Clutter comes from the Middle English word ‘clotter’, or blood clot. Clutter clearing releases you & your belongings back into the flow of life, so they are no longer stuck & neither are you. Consider selling, gifting & recycling your things, who knows what adventures they & you may have!

British artist William Morris (1834-96) said, ‘have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ I would add to this that they should be positively sentimental too. Ask yourself, is everything you own useful, beautiful & positively sentimental? And if they are just one out of the three, are they truly pulling their weight in your home?

Be careful not to throw out your sense of belonging when you re-home your belongings. Some histories are painful & some bring joy. Keep just enough of your favourite things that link you with uplifting & grounding memories, particularly those that make you smile :0).

Think about how your habits make your habitat. If you’re not happy with your habitat then which one habit could you change that would make a difference? Try it for a month & see what happens.

Try not to compare yourself & your home with others. What is enough for one person will be different to what is right for you. Systems that work for one, may not work for you. Like Goldilocks & her bowl of porridge, experiment to find out your perfect.

Decluttering is like going on holiday. If you don’t know where you’re going, then how do you know what to pack? Spend some time thinking about your ideal place. When you have this vision, keep all things that help make it happen and re-home the rest.

Try not to be ashamed of your clutter.  Many are cluttered. It’s part and parcel of living within a growing economy on a global landscape. Have the courage to share your concerns with others & you will find you are not alone.

Imagine your home is like your body.  Things come in, things go out & piles can be painful ;0).  A declutterer’s work is akin to a physiotherapist’s. At times we use the precision of acupuncture needles to relieve the pains in particular cupboards. We can also give specific clutter clearing exercises that build up your clutter clearing muscles. Like eating, excreting & exercises, clutter clearing is best done regularly :0).

And finally, within your clutter I promise you will find forgotten treasures that warm the cockles of your heart. These are the ones to be cherished, celebrated & shared.