Decluttering, Home Organisation and Movie Making

Everyone’s needs are different and I offer several ways to help you declutter and organise and achieve your dream home. If you are at all unclear as to which is the best way for you, call me and ask for a free consultation on the phone or in person, if you live close by. Here’s what I love doing:

Home Decluttering Sessions These sessions typically last 2-6hrs and you can book in as many or as few as you want, at a pacing that suits you.  With my help clients have been able to make better and quicker decisions about what to keep and what to let go of, have created space and put in place new systems that work for them. At the end of the session, I take away with pleasure anythings for mending, recycling and charity. In the sessions clients also learn new habits and things don’t pile up again! These sessions are an investment in your home and in your self, because you’re worth it (thanks L’Oreal) !

Insightful Map making. An Insightful Map is a beautifully bound document with photos of a client’s home as it is now, a description of their vision and an outline of the achievable steps they can take to reach their dream. It is designed for those who need help to see the wood for the trees, but like to do as much as they can themselves. It can be followed by home decluttering sessions or telephone coaching to help keep up the motivation and them on track. In the videos above, Helen, Barbara and Ailsa all speak of the value of their Insightful Maps.

Insightful Movie makingAn Insightful Movie is a film I make of your home, your memories and treasured possessions, with you, the client, as its narrator. It’s like a ‘memory vessel’ that tells the stories of your things; something to be shared with friends and family alike.  It also makes a great gift to give to someone who is moving and finding it hard to let go of the place and things they love.

Here’s Mary Roslin, an artist moving from Scotland to be close to her daughter and grandchild in England. A wonderful picture of her and for her to celebrate where she’s come to and to share with those she loves. (And yes, that is my lovely 1989 Toyota Hilux tucked away in her drive 🙂 )

Mary Roslin's Art from ZemMoffat on Vimeo.