Meaningful Objects Workshops

I run these short workshops on request for different groups of people.  The groups are diverse.  I have worked with as few as six to as many as sixty, from as young as 12 to as old as … (well I didn’t like to ask!); Anthropologists, Professional Declutterers, Hospice Outpatients, Gallery Curators and Quaker Youth.  Each group wanted to learn something different about objects and about relating, and those who booked me wanted to encourage empathy, connections and understanding.

Here’s what my last group said about their experience:

Emotional Nostalgic Sentimental Encouraged Trust Insightful Connecting Acceptance Edifying Honoured Thought Provoking Empathetic Grateful Passionate Similarities Meaningful Surprising Spacious Understanding Memories Memorable Safe Happiness Intimate Pride Sharing Stories Humbling In the Moment

And here’s a link to one I did last year for gallery curators and academics.  It’s part of a grand academic European project called Heritage Futures and my small piece Curating Domestic Profusion looked at what objects meant to galleries.